Cromático translucent envelope

Give some transparency to your correspondence

Discover the « Cromático-ca » tranlucent envelopes, a translucent and coloured paper. Translucent or diaphanous, Cromático is perfect to provide some transparency and play with overlaying, suggesting without showing. Dyed in the mass, the colours of Cromático have no equal with respect to their intensity, light and homogeneity. The translucent paper « Cromático-ca » translucent envelopes come in 14 colours (white, ivory, spring green, bright pink, red, vermilion…)
and 6 sizes.


A unique collection of envelopes

You want a pretty envelope to send an invitation, a thank-you card, an announcement or a press folder? Discover our exclusive envelope collection made out of trendy papers.

Papers for announcements & invitations

Whether wedding, birth or baptism, you can choose from our sheet, card and envelope collection and select the format, the colour and the texture of your invitation.
Wedding • Birth • Newsletter • Press • 2011 • Credit ® Art du Papier by : éditeur de bien jolis sites